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Our ecological concerns

Ecotourism is a type of tourism, associated with various activities in nature. It may include activities of a scientific and educational nature (e.g. , ecosystem observation tourism) or may include various activities organized in the natural environment, experienced as an adventure.

By visiting Eco Diving Center, you make an environmental oriented choice as well. Through your own efforts, you contribute to the protection of the highly sensitive resources of the areas of Ammoudara, ​​Agia Pelagia, Mononaftis and many others. By participating in the various activities of our diving center, you combine both adventure and education, as you can effectively help the environment, be educated, raise awareness, and raise awareness for future generations.

You can participate in organized underwater cleanups or coastal cleanups, you can participate in eco diving workshops, you can learn to be a responsible diver and expand your personal knowledge of marine life, from our Ichthyologist instructor Philippos Marakis, in order to make the most of your diving experience.

Bring your children to one of the children’s ecology workshops or eco diving workshops and give them the tools to develop an ecological consciousness.

Ecotourism in Crete is a growing type of tourism and Eco Diving Center in an alliance with iSea and Heraklion ECO voice, through a variety of programs and actions, lays the groundwork for ecological diving on the island.