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28 April 2024

Kasos island

On Sunday, April 28, 2024, in collaboration with iSea, the underwater cleaning of the port of Kasos was successfully carried out.

Hundreds of plastic microplastics and other debris were collected from the bottom of the harbor. More specifically, a significant number of plastic bottles (175 pcs), metal soda cans (75 pcs), cans (27 pcs) and glass bottles (58 pcs) were removed.

The clean-up action was carried out under the “Prosfero” programme. With this specific program since May 2018, until today, 275 cleanups have been carried out, specifically 139 coastal and 136 underwater during which more than 88 tons of waste have been collected and removed with the aim of protecting aquatic ecosystems and aims to protection of aquatic ecosystems.

The Eco Diving Center, iSea, several local agencies and local volunteers once again contributed to the protection of the marine environment, wishing that the beautiful Kasos every year has as little marine pollution as possible