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Who we are

Meet us!

Front office – Financial manager


Myrto initially studied accounting and worked for 8 years as a bank clerk.

She later studied Sociology and began her career as an accountant.
Today, she is in charge of accounting for capital companies.

Her love for scuba diving and the sea, forced her to set up Eco Diving Center with Filippos. She has the financial management.

She has been diving since 2016 and she’s excited that scuba diving has become part of her daily routine through Eco Diving Center.

She is certified Advanced Open Water (IANTD). She speaks English, Greek and Italian.

SSI – IANTD Instructor / Underwater Photographer / Ichthyologist


Filippos is a scuba diving instructor (SSI, IANTD), award-winner underwater photographer (Belgrade 2017 ADA OPEN) and co-owner of Eco Diving Center.

He counts over 2500 dives since 2013, while he has certified more than 500 students from entry level to Divemaster.

He speaks English and Greek.

He is a graduate Ichthyologist and a supporter of environmental protection. He recently completed the program of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, “Methodology and Techniques of scientific diving”

He has contributed in two papers with publications in scientific journals.

He is a member researcher of iSea and has been involved in Greenpeace activities.

He has occasionally given lectures in various media for scuba diving and marine ecology.

His photographs have been published in various worldwide famous magazines and web sites (National Geographic, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, etc.), while his underwater photography exhibition with the title “My Greece” is permanently hosted at the Creta-Aquarium.

He is Cressi equipment technician as well.

Check more about Filippos by clicking here


SSI Instructor

Dennis is an SSI Instructor from Germany.

He found his passion in diving in 2016 on Mauritius and since then he has traveled all over the world to go diving in different types of water.
In 2020 he decided to make his passion as his main job and he built his diving education in Germany. Afterwards he finished his instructor course in Egypt and he worked there for a while as an instructor.
His next trip was to Fuerteventura in order to discover the rough Atlantic Ocean.
After more than 100 certified students and over 500 dives he ́is joining Eco Diving Center team, willing to pass his knowledge of scuba diving to the new students in Crete.
He can teach from enrty to Divemaster level as well as many other different specialties, both in
German and in English.
Scuba Diving is not just a job for Dennis. It ́s his passion and he always teaches according to the SSI
standards, putting your safety and your fun as a priority. Dennis will give you the possibility to push yourself and learn new amazing skills that you would never believe that you had before, upon the beautiful mysterious underwater world!


SSI Assistant Instructor
Mar is a girl who comes from Spain and dives since 2021. Since she started diving, she has made her professional life in diving in order to combine it with her other passion, skiing. During the winter she is a ski instructor and in the summer a dive guide, the perfect combination for her. 

Mar is a lover of marine fauna and loves to learn about all the marine species in order to share her knowledge. She is a very calm and patient girl, who transmits tranquility and comfort to her divers. 

Mar has a degree in biotechnology, but for the moment she prefers to dedicate herself to nature and sports. 

She can do the dive guiding in both Spanish and English. She is also fluent in French.


SSI Divemaster

Sally is a 24 year old Divemaster.

She started her education in 2016 studying Children Psychology.

She continued her journey to Germany to learn a new language and from there she became obsessed with traveling, and she started her diving courses in Egypt 2022.
From then, she fell in love with the diving community and she decided to make her passion for scuba diving, as a full-time job after interning in different diving centers.

Now she’s proud to say that she can take you diving with her, after she made the divemaster certification in Fuerteventura in 2023. Her current goal is to expand her experience and keep developing herself to serve her beloved diving family.

She absolutely loves what she does, because this career opened her a whole new world and got her to meet amazing people that she will never forget.

She can’t wait to show you what’s under the sea!

Sally can guide, both in German and English language and of course her mother tongue, Arabic.


SSI Mermaid Instructor

Marina has been freediving since childhood.

She recently entered the world of scuba diving and nowadays is a certified Rescue Diver.

She always believed in fairy tales, fairies and mermaids and so she decided to become one of them.

She is an SSI snorkeling and Mermaid Instructor and is waiting for you to live with her a unique experience, putting you in her fairytale world.

Marina aka Mermaid Zizel works as a professional mermaid at CretAquarium from 2022