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Hygiene measures against COVID-19

On the occasion of the unprecedented for humanity situation we are experiencing with the global spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that resulted in the pandemic of COVID-19 and although Greece with the fewest cases is the safest tourist destination and an example in dealing with the health crisis, Eco Diving Center feels the obligation to inform you about the strict hygiene measures that we follow.

Respecting first of all the good health of our customers and our staff, all Eco Diving Center staff are vaccinated against COVID 19.

Our base and our minibus are cleaned and disinfected both externally and internally, on a daily basis with chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and soap, in combination with general cleaning fluids. Chlorine dioxide, bleach or sodium hypochlorite, has been checked in many different concentrations, and its effectiveness against viruses has been proven. They are strong oxidants that work by damaging the viral genome. In a study that examined SARS-CoV-2 specifically, it was found that a bleach concentration of 0.1% was needed to reduce infectivity when sprayed onto a hard-non-porous surface. A second study on the same virus found that 0.1% of sodium hypochlorite would inactivate the virus within 1 minute.

The entire diving equipment (masks, fins, suits, BCDs, boots, hoods and regulators) are completely disinfected after each use in the presence of the customer, with the immersion method for at least 30 minutes, in chlorine dioxide and diluted chloroxylenol depleted with water, successful inactivation and killing method for the previous coronavirus such as SARS-CoV-1, MERS-CoV, Human Coronavirus, etc. at a rate of 99.9%

During diving courses, each of our clients is provided with a personal dive suit, a personal regulator with a personal mouthpiece and the ability to take it with them, repositioning it daily until training is completed. After completing the training and returning the materials, they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for further use. However, the use of personal diving equipment is encouraged if exists.

The Air Compressor of our diving center, is located in a separate room from the main hall and despite the planned and systematic change of our high-quality air filters, entrance in that room is not allowed during its use.

Eco Diving Center is always by your side, responding with actions to all your concerns. We share the same passion and we are looking forward to diving into the blue sea with you soon, more ready than ever.