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Our Diving Center

Our base

Εco Diving Center is located in the area of Amoudara in Heraklion.

Αlways paying attention to the quality of our services, Eco Diving Center is set in a modern and specially designed place compounded by experienced and trained staff. Our diving equipment is certified with ISO and CE and is brand new and high-end.

Devoted to its priorities for safe diving and environmental respect, Eco Diving Center is a certified SSI Blue Oceans Diving Center and cooperates with the leading organizations SSI, DAN and iSea and offers you the highest standard of safe and ecological diving experience.

Among the various activities, one can do in Crete, scuba diving is one of the best things, as our island is considered one of the fastest-growing diving destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.

One of our diving areas, Mononaftis in Agia Pelagia, has already been approved for the establishment of a diving park. Clear blue sea of stunning beauty, astonishing Mediterranean biodiversity, from tiny nudibranch to big groupers, while caves, wrecks, ancient amphoras from the Minoan civilization, are the reason to choose our diving center for exploration.

Try a safe dive with our experienced and trained staff and live a unique experience that you will remember forever. Dive with us at various selected diving spots on the island, and see why Crete is not only an island with inland natural beauty, but also an astonishing underwater destination.

Whether you choose to experience the unique diving experience for the first time, or you are already a certified diver, scuba diving in Crete is the most beautiful alternative experience you could give yourself or to the people you love.


Live the underwater experience