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Accommodation at 3* Georgia Hotel


Combine diving with luxury accommodation

The Georgia Hotel in Amoudara is ideally located just 600 meters from our diving center.

It is the perfect destination for your vacation, whether you are a family wanting to spend some quality time or a lovely couple looking for some romantic moments or a group of friends planning to make their vacation an unforgettable experience.

Just 6 Km from the airport, 4 km from Heraklion city center and 600 meters from our diving center, it is the best choice to combine your diving adventures with your accommodation in Crete.

The beach of Ammoudara, where both our diving center and Georgia hotel are located, is a very long beach, about 6 km long, which as its name implies, is a sandy beach.  Along the coast, there are organized beaches with sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, lifeguard, showers, changing rooms, water sports and whatever you can imagine. If you seek quiet places in Ammoudara you can visit the west part of the beach.

The surrounding area is wonderful. You can visit the spring of Almyros river, which offers the greatest amount of water in Crete and forms the largest habitat in the area. Nearby, there is the gorge of Almiros, which is quite easy to walk. You could also walk till the top of Stroumboulas mountain, the volcano-like mount of Heraklion.

In front of the organized beach of Vagia in Ammoudara Georgia Hotel is located.

Every area of ​​this magnificent hotel, from the lush garden with its unique atmosphere to the beds with its special upper-level beds, reveals freshness, quality, taste and attention to detail.

At Hotel Georgia as well as at the Eco Diving Center we realize the impact our choices have on the environment and aim to limit them.

Aiming at reducing our ecological footprint, Georgia hotel has adopted practices such as reducing electricity consumption, using eco-lamps, rational use of water, environmentally friendly cleaning products and recycling.

  • It applies all existing legislation and is ready to incorporate any new practices that benefit the environment.
  • It helps to conserve natural energy sources, through the responsible use of electricity and water, while ensuring that its services remain high.
  • Works with suppliers that adopt environmentally friendly practices.
  • It ensures its actions are lasting, refreshing and communicated to all hotel staff.
  • Every winter, with Georgia volunteer team, we clean and care for the beaches and trails of our area.
  • It saves energy by monitoring gas and electricity consumption on a weekly basis
  • It uses energy-saving lamps
  • It installs a magnet system in every room to prevent air conditioning and lights from working when no one is in the room.
  • Replaces towels when requested by the customer
  • It reduces water consumption by installing special toilets in the toilets, as well as mechanisms to increase the pressure and reduce the amount of water flowing at each tap.


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Combine diving with luxury accommodation

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