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Winter Diving

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Winter diving in Crete , Greece

Scuba diving during the winter period has always been a special type of scuba diving, and it also offers many benefits for our health.

The absence of holidaymakers, boats, fishermen, and a lot of people in general from the coasts during the winter months, helps any kind of marine species to come to shallower waters in quite large populations.

An important factor that can guarantee an amazing underwater experience is also the best visibility. During the winter, algae growth is greatly restricted as the water temperature is lower. The stronger winds during the winter period, contributes to crystal clear waters and to high level marine life.

The winter season is also the ideal time for a Drysuit course.

The usability of Drysuit gives an important advantage to divers, as it allows them to dive comfortably throughout the year, travel to winter diving destinations (eg ice diving in Iceland), while at the same time improving their skills.

Whether you are experienced divers or just starting out, Eco Diving Center encourages you to try a winter diving or Drysuit course and bring this unique experience of scuba diving into your life.


Minimum age : 10


Live the unique experience of Winter Scuba diving

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