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Try Scuba Diving

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Experience a scuba diving in Crete now, easily, safely, ecologically

SSI’s Try Scuba program is a beginner’s dive experience.

It can be your introduction to scuba diving. This program for beginners, gives you the opportunity to experience the magical underwater world, either in pool water or in the sea in confined water, without committing yourself to a longer certification program.

It is addressed to non-certified, those who want to experience the unique experience of scuba diving for the first time, those who want to do something really unique during their vacation (and not only).

You will love the freedom that the sea bottom offers. You will experience how is breathing under the sea level for your first time, you will feel how an astronaut feels in zero gravity. You will be satisfied with the sea life in Crete!

This program includes a theoretical training of approximately 30 minutes, where you will acquire the basic knowledge of diving equipment and diving. Α series of exercises in the water follows to prepare you for a controlled and safe dive, accompanied by one of our experienced instructors, at a maximum depth of 5 meters.

This program does not include any certification.

Minimum age : 8 years old


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