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Photoshoots take place in shallow water or in a pool and are for everyone!

Have you admired underwater photos of people in magazines or online?

Are you a professional model or do you just enjoy posing at the camera? Do you enjoy seeing photos of your own or your children in your family album? Do you intend to live the most unique day of your life?

Make it truly unique by including underwater photos in your photo album!

Whether you are just married or planning to do so, re-dress your bridal and costume and come for a truly special next day.

With responsibility and safety at the sea or in the pool, our awarded underwater photographer and instructor Philippos, with its professional equipment (DSLR, Housing, Flashlights, Video lights) promises a unique experience giving you a professional result.


You don’t have to be a diver. The photos are taken in shallow water or in a pool and are for everyone!


Minimum age: 6 years old by its own with a major signature, (In case of a baby photoshoot, major must be in the pool with the baby as well).


All photos are provided in digital format for free, at the price of the service. There is option for 10X15cm premium postcard or photo printing plus GoPro video delivery with extra cost.


live a unique photography experience

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