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BYRON I Shipwreck

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Wreck diving at Kala Limania area

BYRON I was a cargo ship carrying sugar.

On January 17, 1985 at around 11.30am, all Crete was in the grip of unprecedented bad weather with heavy winds, heavy rains, floods and cutoff communications.

BYRON I strayed to the bottom. The SOS that transmitted for unspecified reasons never reached the Heraklion Port Authority. The signal was captured by the Merchant Marine’s business booth and sent a rescue helicopter to the area.

By the time BYRON I was cut in the middle and made salty sea water …sweet.

The crew managed to leave the ship and be saved.

Watch our video from the shipwreck BYRON 1

Dive type : Shore dive

Depth : 15 m

Required certification level : Open Water Diver


General remarks :

The excursion to Kala Limania starts in the morning from our base with the minibus. There are stops on the route at various points for sightseeing, landscape photography, as well as for coffee or soft drinks.

Following is the transition to the entry point where the dive will take place.

After the dive is completed, planned lunch is served at a traditional tavern.

Following is a walk and a guided tour of the surrounding area until the afternoon when we will return to our base.


Dive remarks : Surface swimming required

The price includes all of the above.
The itinerary of the excursion may be changed upon request


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