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Adeb al Salam shipwreck



Try this wreck diving in Amoudara, Crete

The cargo ship Adeb al Salam and its carryings , was seized in 1980 due to debts
and was immobilized in the Gulf of Linoperamata in Amoudara.

The bureaucratic procedures and delays that followed, resulted in the crew abandoning it until the boat broke down.

Finally, in February 1981, due to bad weather, Adeb al Salam turned to its side and sank.

The ship was carrying plastic fibers. It has a length of about 50 meters while its keel is located at a depth of 3,5 meters and up to 9 meters maximum depth. There are small passages that allow penetration, while extremely impressive is a large propeller that protrudes at the stern.

A mystery, are pills that were found and retrieved by divers in his cargo, where even today they have not been identified.

Maximum depth : 9 meters.
Minimum level of training : Open Water Diver
Type of diving : Boat Diving, wreckdiving


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